About us


Kharkov Region Association of Community Initiatives “ASSA” was registered in 1997 as a result of the realization of an international model project of Henrich Bell Foundation, which was carried out in Ukraine from October 1996 to June 1997 by East-West Women's Network Center OWEN (Berlin, Germany).


One of the most effective ways to build a democratic and transparent society based on civic communities is education. Specifically, we promote utilization of teaching methods to educate children, youth and the public as a whole about democratic principles and responsible citizenship.

This objective is achieved through the following strategies:

  • promotion of innovative instruction techniques,
  • establishment of encouraging and stimulating educational atmosphere through training teachers,
  • community engagement initiatives that promote residents’ awareness and participation.


The goal of the organization is to build, develop and strengthen civil society governed by the Rule of Law in Ukraine. To achieve this goal Association "ASSA" accomplishes the sequential steps directed to :
  • promotion of democratization in all spheres on local level;
  • establishment of pluralism of opinions;
  • protection of rights, freedoms and legal interests among audience of Kharkiv region local communities.


The objectives of ASSA are as follows:
  • realization of civil education initiatives directed to popularization of ideas of democracy and civil society among youth and adults;
  • implementation of the programs related to increasing economic and legal knowledge of local audience;
  • promotion of democratization of primary, middle and higher education;
  • assisting development of independent mass media;
  • enhancing public initiatives aimed at building and strengthening civil society;
  • supporting youth business undertakings;
  • informational, organizational and financial support of other NGOs and groups of citizens in Kharkiv region that implement civil society development projects.