Active Youth

The basis of development of democratic society is active life position of every of its member. In all the projects that АSSА conducts we try to educe the personal potential of young people, encouradge and and support their aspiration to influence on the processes that take place in the society.

With this goal ASSA has cinducted several projects and programs.

In 2000 with support of Counterpart Alliance for Partnership Program (USAID) ASSA conducted the "Internet-club for Street Children" project. In this project students of Kharkov higher educational establishments as volunteers worked with teens of "at-risk group" that turned out under influence of street environment out of touch of educational structures. Due to the newest technologies, in particular computer and Internet ones, the project cultivated to the children and youth the skills of positive attitude to surrounding world, legal regulating of life situations, as well as correct imagine about life and culture values.

The project "Creative Workshop "Equal to Equal" was conducted in 2001 in partnership with the Kharkov Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth "Doverie" of the Department on Family, Youth and Sport Matters of City Council with support of Alliance Counterpart for Partnership Program (USAID). Within the framework of the project the Creative Workshop that included a volunteer center and youth business club was created. The Center "Doverie" offered for the project different youth audiences, that are their clients, where young people - volunteers were able to bring a lot of benefit for their peers and, on the other hand, tested and developed their own practical qualities. The project put the basis for self-realization and creative development of active Kharkov young people, their further participation in politics, business, public life, assisted to development of volunteer movement in the region and decline of negative occurrences in society life.

In partnership with Karuna Center for Peacebuilding (Amherst, MA, USA) during 2004 - 2005 Association АSSА has conducted series trainings on leadership and conflict resolution for leaders of Kharkov youth NGOs.

In 2008 АSSА jointly with Educational Society of Malopolska (МТО) from Nowy Sacz, Poland, worked out a project named "Active youth are Ukrainian future", which was fulfilled with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The project was conducted in the city of Kharkov, Kharkov district of the Kharkov region (Merefa, Tsirkuni, Pesochin, Vusokii) and the city of Zolochev, where Centers of Active Youth were established.

Local young people that within the framework of study visit to Poland completed trainings in Nowy Sacz and visited similar successfully working Center in Switohlovits became the performers of this project. Coming home, the young people passed series of edditioanal master-classes that were conducted by experts of АSSА, Kharkov Municipal Center of Employment and Kharkov Center "Doverie" and got knowledge on psychological aspects of employment, basics of labour legislation and marketing.

After that, six Centers of Active Youth, that were founded, the skilled young people began to share the knowledge they got to their peers.

The integrated youth Jobs Fair that passed in Kharkov became a final event of the project. More than 20 Kharkov enterprises and about 10 universities were presented there. Thousands young people visited the Fair get the opportunity to leave resumes to the employer straight in place.

During the Fair work the series of mini-trainings under the name: "Volunteering as a first step on the way to successful career" were conducted for young people. The Polish partners of the project - president of Educational society of Malopolska (МТО) Alisia Derkovska and vice-president Julie Budrou - took part in the event. The event was widely highlighted in Kharkov region mass media.

Project web-site were Kharkov region youth could find out what are the project activities, obtain useful information and links on higher educational establishments, NGOs, educational programs and jobs propositions was created in the frameworks of the project.