Center of Social Rehabilitation

Responding to the calls of time, at the end of 90th АSSА created The Center of Social Rehabilitation for unemployed. The project has been working during 1998-2003. ASSA's staff provided the Center clients with legal and psychological assistance, conducted a lot number of courses on using computer and Internet, trainings on management, business communication skills, basics of business undertakings and composing business plans. Hundreds of Kharkov residents have become the clients of the Center.

The persons that got assistance in the Center felt themselves more confidently and increased their competitiveness at the labour market. Many from them, due to the knowledge and skills they gained, were able to have a job or start own business.

Feedback with the clients of Center, monitoring of current appeals and analysis of problems of those who have obtain the services the Center offers revealed the necessity of creation of a separate block on offering legal assistance for the target group - Public Reception.

Firstly, the Public Reception started to work for clients of the Center, and then - for all Kharkov city audience who were needed in it. Within the Public Reception work АSSА's lawyer provided clients with free legal advice and helped to write petitions, statements, requests to the corresponding instances. Booklets with useful legal information were printed and spread for free among city audience.

The Center was supported by NIS-US Women's Consortium (Winrock International), Counterpart Alliance for Partnership Program (USAID) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) funded by the Mott Foundation.