Educational Society of Malopolska (MTO)

МТО is an educational non-governmental organization that is located in South-East Poland in the city of Nowy Sacz. It was organized in 1988 by the collective of parents and teachers active in a spirit of the Solidarity. MTO aims to help other organizations and individuals, including the physically disabled, to promote a democratic and civic society. By supporting the development of NGOs in Central and Eastern European countries, promoting cooperation between NGOs and public administration, providing training and international exchange opportunities for all types of schools, and through the exchange of information, MTO strives to increase not only public awareness, but action as well, in support of a civic society.

MTO manages independent high school in Nowy Sacz, Splot, created in 1989. Organization cooperates with parents, teachers and young people in Central and South-East Europe.

Kharkov City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth “Doverie”

    Center "Doverie" of the Department on Family, Youth and Sport Matters of City Council is the special establishment that gives social services for families, children and young people who are in difficult vital circumstances and need extraneous help. A center is created in 1992. The Center carries out its activitis through the specialized formings - districts social services.

Kharkiv Center of Volunteers

    Kharkov Center of Volunteers was created in 2007 with the aim of development of volunteer motion and active involving young people in realization of social programs. Students, representatives of student and school self-government, other public organizations-partners are the members of the organization. The basic field of activity is a complex preparation of volunteers for fulfillment of social work, propaganda of healthy way of life, assistance to development of leader qualities and creative potential of active young people.