Civic Education

During 2004 -2007 АSSА has conducted series of innovative non-partisan projects directed to civil education of schoolchildren and their parents in the field of electoral process.

The “Kids Voting” project was supported by Innovation Fund Grants of Ukraine Citizen Action Network (ISC/UCAN). It was addressed to low civic and voter participation and the lack of effective civic education in Ukrainian public schools. The project tested a new model of civil education in secondary schools. It embraced about 7,5 thousands students, 10-12 thousands parents and about 100 teachers.

The series of school-based trainings for schoolchildren, which model democracy through learning-by-doing experiences and group problem-solving as well as home tasks, which children are encouraged doing with their parents, inspire family for political discussions, increase awareness and political activity of adults, and shape a feature generation of conscious voters. The essence of the project is that on Election Day the students with their parents go to the polls located near adult polling sites. They vote at the same time as adults do. They cast their ballots that include the same candidates as the adult ballots. The results of the voting are reported in the news media and provided to the participating schools.

The "Family Election Album" and "Informational Circle" projects goal is to raise awareness and voter participation in rural areas of Kharkov oblast districts through engaging children and educating families on civic and election issues.

To achieve this goal ASSA has conducted an action called "We build our future". It was conducted in the form of competition of children's projects on election and civic issues among senior schoolchildren of Kharkov region. For this, АSSА developed the series of amusing activities - projects that children had to execute with the members of their families, relatives and acquaintances, and then to present on the competition. The winners of the competition in each of districts that took part in the action got diplomas and prizes from local sponsors of the project - Kharkov Ice-Cream factory, "ZNAK" store and publishing house "RANOK". Additionally, all the children who took part in the action were rewarded by tasty and useful gifts. Thanks to the methods used in the project made it possible to achieve every territorial unit, including the smallest ones.

In parallel with these activities, the project was providing various consultations for citizens as well as "hot line" services.

These projects were supported by National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).