Solidarity Centers

The main goal of the "Solidarity: Passport to Democracy" MTO's (Nowy Sącz, Poland) project is to support democratic changes in Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine.

For this, twenty four young participants of this international project, including twelve people from differnet cities of Ukraine, six from Serbia and six from Moldova, took part in special workshops held in Nowy Sącz, Poland. Participants of the project explored the history and experiences of the Polish civic movement named Solidarity.

After returning home, the young people had to conduct their own projects using their own ideas and establish Solidarity Centers in their communities. In addition, project participants had to organize an Awareness day on August 31 to promote what they have learned through the project.

Then, participants returned to Nowy Sącz in order to sum up the work of their Centers and share best practices and experiences from their countries. They also visited the Polish capital, Warsaw, and met with representatives of the Polish government.

Ukraine was presented with representatives of Kharkov, Rivno, Lugansk, Odessa and Crimea. ASSA as a local partner of MTO, coordinated project activities in Ukraine.

ASSA also conducted its own project and established Center of Solidarity in Kharkov. Within the framework of work of the Kharkov Center of Solidarity the competition of children posters "Together to Europe" was announced. Eight Kharkov schools that had Euroclubs and the Palace of Children Creative Arts participated in the competition. As an educational and informational component, each of the schools - participants set stands in their buildings that told about the events related to the Solidarity movement in Poland. During about 3 weeks thousands of children, their parents and teachers were able to see these stands and learn how solidarity can lead to changes in society, how to build civil society without using violence and that average people have great potential which can change even hopeless situations.

About fifty best posters were presented on the Kharkov Center of Solidarity opening ceremony. City audience, parents, teachers and representatives of Kharkov mass media visited the event. The winners of competition were awarded with prizes and diplomas. Consul of Republic of Poland in Kharkov was invited to the ceremony.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affears of the Republic of Poland.