Street Law

The aim of the "Dura Lex, Sed Lex" project is to strengthen democratization, good government and respect to the Law in Ukraine through developing and carrying out specific program targeted to the necessities of local communities.

Within the frameworks of the project, Polish NGO Educational Society of Malopolska (МТО) who is АSSА's partner has developed a workshop on what is the Street Law program and which way this program is being implemented in Independent High School “Splot” in Poland.

After that, 24 teachers of secondary schools of Kharkov, Ternopil and Uzhhorod regions took part in the training, got skills of how to teach to non-violent conflict resolution, how to discuss controversial issues and teach tolerance, how to cooperate and share knowledge with others, how to understand and respect the Law and why it is important in democratic society. During the training the teachers created drafts of own curriculum that they would use for extracurricular work with their students according to their necessities, expectations and interests.

Returning home to their school classes the teachers have developed their own versions of after-school curriculum which were designed after consultations with their students, tailored to local situation and according to the needs and age of the students and Ukraine's legislation.

The brightest ideas, best lesson scenarios and the most interesting case studies was collected and processed by a professional team of project's staff and then published and disseminated among the schools participated in the project.

The Association АSSА coordinated local project activities in Kharkov region. Also, ASSA attracted a representative of it's another partner, Donetsk Foundation of Social Protection and Mercy, to participation in the project.

The project was conducted with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affears of the Republic of Poland.